What is Buffett.Online?

At Buffett.Online we are trying to make an idea of long-term investing more widespread. We think in terms of decades and really long-term horizons. We are not interested in speculations such as “buy today then sell tomorrow”. We are strictly against Forex trading, cryptocurrencies and other dubious “investment” schemes.

As far as we know in the lists wealthiest people there are no technical analysts, Bitcoin day-traders or similar charlatans. On the other hand there are a lot of individuals who invested many years ago in successful business.

We believe that you too can become financially independent if you practice patience and pick wise and solid investments throughout the years. Our goal is to help you, our reader, to do exactly that!

All information on this website is based on the experience of editorial team which have been practicing value investing since 2012.

Warm regards,

Editorial Team